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Managing Your Money

Managing your Money

Central Liverpool Credit Union is committed to helping you manage and get the most out of your current account. It is important to keep track of your income and outgoings. This way you will know where you stand with your money and avoid any problems such as unauthorised overdrafts, returned payments & charges.

Tips & advice

Check your account regularly by using statements, a cash machine or by contacting us.

  •  Check your balance and make sure you have enough money available to cover any payments due. If payments are due and you have insufficient funds they will be returned and result in a fee being charged.
  •  It may help to keep a note of money you have withdrawn or spent on your card so that you always know what is available.

Know the difference between your cleared and available balance

  • Cleared balance is the current amount held in your account taking into account fully completed or cleared transactions. It does not take into account payments pending and still in process.
  •  Available balance is the amount that you have available to withdraw or to spend on your debit card taking into account the cleared balance and any transactions pending.

Debit card purchases

  • You may find a difference between the two balances when making debit card payments with a VISA card. This is because your available balance shows the recent debit card payments before they have been fully processed (cleared). This means that the money has been set aside for when the seller actually debits the account. Once the money leaves your account the cleared balance will reduce.
  • It may take several working days for purchases to leave your account. It is important that you have a sufficient available balance to cover any further payments due.

Make the most of direct debits to pay bills

Direct debits offer an easy, convenient and safe way of making sure that your bills get paid on time.

  • Know when your direct debits are due and be sure that this is a good time for you. If not contact the company involved and ask if they will change the collection date to a time convenient e.g. when wages or benefits are due.

Need further help?

Contact us  and the current account team will be happy to help with any queries

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