Prize draw winners

Every Christmas we run a prize draw raising money for young saver events. This year we raised £477.

A draw takes place at each office. We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Head office

PositionTicket numberWinner
1st184Gemma Otter
2nd190Ayesha Petterson
3rd53Mo Woo
4th149Dot Feeley
5th143Nicola Fletcher
6th56Doreen Unwin

Kensington office

PositionTicket numberWinner
1st25Ceri Smith
2nd289Carla Henriksen
3rd30David Rawlinson
4th26Sharon Lee
5th40Michelle Mcdonagh
6th21Collette Garish

Walton office

PositionTicket numberWinner
2nd69Theresa Maxwell
3rd89Colin Vallis
4th54Rosemary Connor
5th23Lesley Welsh
6th101Donna O'Grady