More online services on the way

More online services are on the way, providing a better and quicker service to our members.

Having the option to apply online does not mean we want to see less of our members. On the contrary. More members choose to transact over the internet frees up the office.

As a result, that’s less queuing and a more personal service for anyone visiting us.

Here’s a timeline of what’s planned:


We made our website mobile friendly. It will be stacked with useful information and money saving tips.

An online chat facility opened. You can use it during our normal opening hours.


We completed the move to a new a IT system.

However things never go completely according to plan. Some members’ payments were sent to their savings accounts rather than to bank accounts. We apologise for the inconvenience these late payments caused.  Payments after 10th October are processed as normal.

Online access to your account will be available at the end of October. This will enable you to view your balance and recent transactions. To register you will need your member number.
Can’t remember your member number? Send us a message on chat.

Got your member number? Click on register for online access, above.


Applying for share withdrawals using your online account will mean you no longer need to contact the office.


Our mobile app will be available.


Members will be able to apply for a loan or savings account online. e-signatures will enable members to sign agreements using their email address.