8 Ways to Save Money on Family Days Out

Going on a family day out is always a fun thing to look forward to, however, the cost of them may be daunting and make you reluctant to go, especially when trying to save. Here are our top tips on ways to save money on your family outings…

  1. Discounts

One easy way to save money when off on a family day out is by using discounts. By searching the web, using specific discount apps, and through the social media of the places you want to visit, there will almost always be some variety of discounts that you can use to make your visit just that bit cheaper. Take 5 minutes before you next plan a day out to find yourself a bargain.

  1. Free Things to Do

Why not plan your next day out around free things to do? There are always lots of options, especially in cities, of fun free things to do. Museums are always a good family day out and most of them are completely free. If there is a small charge involved children often go free, again reducing your costs. Have a browse of what free activities are in your desired location before planning your next day out.

  1. Make it a Staycation

Now it is easier than ever to turn your holiday plans away from abroad and instead opt for a staycation. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic over the last year, the options of places to stay and explore in the UK have got even better, encouraging people to stay in the country. Save pennies that would have been on flights, visas, insurance, and instead go explore the wide range of scenic attractions the UK has to offer.

  1. Use Reward Cards

Lots of places you visit, such as coffee shops, lunch spots & even some attractions, will have reward card systems in place. Reward cards are always an easy way to get things for free or get big discounts on your next outing.

  1. Vouchers

Many big brands offer vouchers such as buy one get one free on tickets for attractions. A great example of this is Kellogg’s who has teamed up with many Merlin Entertainments Attractions such as Alton Towers & Lego Land. These vouchers, which can be found on most Kellogg’s products, entitle you to 1 free adult ticket per child or adult ticket paid for. This offer cuts your costs in half, making your typically more expensive days out still feasible.

  1. Bring a Picnic

This may seem like a simple suggestion, however bringing a picnic/ packed lunch could save you a lot of money, especially in big groups. Eating out is always expensive, so pack some sandwiches and snacks and see how much you can save on your next outing.

  1. Travel National Rail

National Rail has introduced a new scheme whereby traveling through their train service entitles you to 2-4-1 on over 300 unique days out across England. These include destinations like Cadbury world, Zoos, Sea Life Centres, and more! All you have to do is show your ticket at the entrance and start saving.

  1. Use Supermarket Points

Supermarket points can be used on a variety of days out, redeemed as tickets to your favourite attractions or as money off at restaurants. Most big supermarket chains offer points cards, so just by doing your weekly food shop or filling up with fuel, you can save big on your family days.

With all the cash you can save on your next family day out, look at our options of saving accounts with many options to fit every circumstance. Let us help you save the cash you’ve saved.