About Us

Central Liverpool Credit Union is a leading and innovative provider of financial services. We help people in our community that are not well served by other financial institutions.

We always endeavour to follow the Credit Union’s values.


We conduct our business activities using high standards of ethics and integrity. As a result honesty guides our work in all circumstances, with all people.


Our actions positively reflect our deep concern and commitment to the well-being of current and potential members. Because of this the Credit Union helps to fulfil members’ financial needs through our commitment to provide high quality products and services at competitive prices.


We will continually show enthusiasm and a positive attitude to those we serve and to those we work with.


We will be competent, responsive, dependable and dedicated.


Every member will be treated with dignity, sensitivity and compassion. We will promote relationships based on mutual trust and respect with members, volunteers, other service providers and the community. We will practice the philosophy of co-operation and mutual benefit expressed through people working together to achieve a better quality of life.

Positive feedback from CLCU members

Hear what some of our members have to say about Central Liverpool Credit Union:

“I am delighted with the service and the helpful people who make this scheme possible, thank you very much” P Smith

“The best thing I have ever done was to join this credit union. I could never save, now I have savings and if I need to borrow some money at a low rate of interest I can and they are very helpful and friendly” Kelly

“The best thing I’ve ever joined!” J Ashley

“Thanks very much to all for all the help, keep up the good work” S Mckerli

“I have always praised the credit union and would advise anyone to join” A Smith

“Kind, helpful, very quick at getting a loan and very organised” W O’Hara

“Thanks for the kindness and help and great understanding” G Kelly

Watch this video with more information about how credit unions help their local communities