Central Liverpool Credit Union offers low cost loans with no fees. Savings are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We are open to anyone who qualifies under our common bond. This includes people who live or work in Liverpool.

As a community co-operative, Central Credit Union is owned by its members.

Three decades of service

Providing members with a sustainable, affordable, alternative to high cost lenders for 30 years.

Affordable loans

Loan rates start at just 6.4% APR. New members and those with only a little in savings can apply for an Opportunity Loan. If you have been a member of the Credit Union for at least two years and have at least £500 in savings apply for a Member Loan. 

How much do you want to borrow?
Over how many months do you want to repay?
Your estimated repayments are every months at APR
The estimated total you will repay is

Safe savings

Providing an easy access savings account, all deposits are backed by the  Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Savings are covered by free insurance. If the unthinkable should happen, your savings, plus up to the same amount again, will be passed to your next of kin.

You have the opportunity to win a monthly prize of £5,000 with the Prize Saver account.

New members who want to open a Prize Saver account should click below to apply. If you are a new member and want to apply for a loan at the same time, please use the apply to borrow application form.

Apply for a Prize Saver

Existing members complete the form below to open a Prize Saver. New members must complete a full application, as detailed above.

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A five star service

We hold a five star award from the Fair Banking Foundation. This is the maximum score available for our loan products.

Money saving tips

We use our website, chat feature and newsletter to share money saving tips. We want to save members money with regular tips that make you better-off.

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