This page contains all the information you need about the Credit Union’s response to Covid19. This includes:

  • Social distancing and branch opening
  • Payments and withdrawals
  • Applying for a loan
  • Loan agreements
  • Loan flexibility requests due to Coronavirus

Social distancing and branch opening

Our branch at Park Street remains open between 10am and 12noon each day.

Please note that between 9.30am and 10am we are open for pensioners and vulnerable members only.

Our branches in Kensington and Walton are closed until further notice.

Payments and withdrawals

Any regular payments to bank accounts or Engage cards will be paid as usual. Any member can request this service.

Contact us using the chat feature on our website to set this up.

You can make a share withdrawal application using THIS FORM

Applying for loan

We’re taking loan applications as normal.

The usual rules about top up loans apply; there needs to be six months’ payments before you apply – although you can submit your application up to 10 days beforehand.

You should use the online application system, rather than bringing in a paper application. It will be much quicker if you use Open Banking to submit your bank statements.

Loan agreements

Loan agreements will be sent to your email for signing. Once you’ve received confirmation that the agreement has been signed – there is no need to contact us. Your payment will arrive shortly.

Loan repayment flexibility requests due to Coronavirus

If you have experienced a change of circumstances because of Covid19 you can the following form to request flexibility:


This includes reducing payments, taking a payment holiday or making interest only payments.

Please note that this temporary facility is only available to borrowers who have experienced financial difficulties because of the virus, e.g. a loss of income or redundancy. You will need to provide evidence to support your application. We expect your application to include a date when you will be able to resume payments as normal.