Are You Eligible for an Energy Hardship Fund?

It is a very worrying time for many households as energy bills are increasing and the cost of living crisis continues to get worse.

At Central Liverpool Credit Union, we try to provide as much support and guidance as possible to help people in the Liverpool City Region to make the best financial decisions to improve their situation.

The government pledged £400 for every household for their energy bills and the first instalment of this should have started in October, with five more instalments due up to March 2023.

If you are worried that you will struggle with your upcoming energy bills, there is a possibility that you could be eligible for an energy hardship fund, which is different to the £400 payment.

People who are struggling with energy bill debt can apply for a grant through their energy supplier or through the British Gas Energy Trust.


To apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You have not received a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust within the last 2 years
  • You must be seeking a grant to clear an outstanding debt on a current or open gas, electricity or dual fuel energy account in your name or be a member of that household. The energy account must relate to your main residence
  • You have electric and / or gas debt
  • You do not have savings above £1,000
  • You have received help from a money advice agency


Each energy supplier has a different process for applying:


If you are unable to apply for a grant through your supplier, you may still be able to apply through the British Gas Energy Trust.


Local grants

You might also be able to access local grants and you can see what is available in your area on the Simple Energy Advice website.


Be aware of scams!

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of fraud scams that are being sent to try and trick people into believing they are from the energy support scheme.


If you receive an email, call or text from anyone claiming to be contacting you so you can apply for a rebate, do not provide any information. You do not need to apply for the energy support scheme, it is automatic, so this is definitely a scam. Energy support schemes will not ask you to provide financial details by phone, email or text.


Get in touch if you would like any more support.