How to Combat Loneliness & its Impact on Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about loneliness and its impact on mental health.


Loneliness is a feeling of isolation, loneliness, or emptiness that can be caused by many factors, including living alone, being single, having few friends, or being shy. loneliness has been linked with a number of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

If you’re feeling lonely, don’t suffer in silence – there are ways to combat loneliness and its negative effects on your mental health.


Reach out to others

One way to combat loneliness is to reach out to others. This can be done by joining a club or group that meets regularly, such as a book club, sports team, or hobby group. Spending time with other people, even if you don’t know them well, can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. You could also try volunteering for a local charity or community organisation. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make friends, while also doing something good for the community.

If you’re not ready to reach out to others just yet, there are still things you can do to combat loneliness. One option is to spend more time on activities that make you feel good. This could include reading, listening to music, watching your favourite TV show, or taking walks in nature. Taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally can help reduce loneliness and its effects on your mental health.



There are many helplines to also reach out to, where you can stay anonymous but talk through your feelings in a safe space with a person who understands your current mental state. Here are some organisations you can reach out to today:


  • Sense provides a range of advice, support, and services on disability and loneliness. Tel   0300 330 9256


  • Calm Zone is a helpline and webchat offering support to men in the UK who need to talk or are in crisis. Tel 0800 585858



If you are under 25, you can contact YoungMinds Crisis Messenger for free, 24/7 support across the UK if you are experiencing a mental health crisis. Text YM to 85258


If you’re feeling lonely, don’t suffer in silence – reach out to others or take care of yourself emotionally and mentally. There are ways to combat loneliness and its negative effects on your mental health.

For more information on mental health awareness week click here.