How to Do Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentines day on budget

They say love costs nothing, but it is difficult to show someone your appreciation without spending a little bit of money. With Valentine’s Day coming up, if you want to show the one you love how special they are to you, here are some ways you can do it without spending a fortune & staying on budget:

Cook a meal at home

Cooking at home

Instead of going out for an expensive meal, why not cook at home and try to recreate the meals from your favourite restaurant? If your cooking skills are not quite up to it, you can get some great dine in deals from the supermarket for Valentine’s Day. You can make it special by lighting some candles, putting on some romantic music and you could even combine it with a movie night.

Recreate your first date

Couple first date


Unless your first date was a trip to Paris or a fancy restaurant, you could recreate it as a big romantic gesture. If you went to a pub for a few drinks, then it shouldn’t cost too much and will have you reminiscing about the early days of your relationship. If you went to the cinema to watch a film, you could find it on Netflix and watch it again from the comfort of your home, with some popcorn and cinema-style snacks.

Look for restaurant deals

Cheap date nightss

A lot of restaurants offer some big discounts around Valentine’s Day to bring more business in, so make sure you are following all your favourite restaurants on social media to get updates on any offers they are doing. Alternatively, you might be able to use a loyalty scheme like Tesco Clubcard to buy restaurant vouchers and save a huge amount of money on a meal out.

Have an outdoors date

cheap date  

Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature is a great well-being boost and can also be very romantic, as well as being free! Plan an outdoors date like a picnic, or a scenic hike with a stop at a country pub for this Valentine’s Day date. You could visit your favourite Liverpool landmarks or go for a riverside walk.

Create a photo album of memories

Couple gift ideas 

Instead of spending money on expensive jewellery or other gifts, ordering some photos and creating a photo album of all your favourite memories is a nice way to celebrate your love and look through your best moments together, whilst keeping on budget. Apps like Free prints let you order multiple photos and only pay for postage on the first set of photos, and you can buy an album for very little, so this is a great Valentine’s gift on a low budget.

Give massage tokens

Couple gift / date ideas


Instead of buying a gift, make your own tokens to claim a back massage or something else that your loved one will appreciate. Alternatively, you could create a home spa day, with a relaxing candle-lit bath followed by a massage and a glass of fizz.

You do not have to spend lots of money to show someone how much you love them but you do need to put in some planning. These ideas should help you to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.
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