Retrofit Summit 2023

Work in partnership with Central Liverpool Credit Union and provide a joined up solution for your customers looking to retrofit their homes.

We are now offering home improvement loans.

Mutual referral

Refer your customers directly to the Credit Union to set up a savings account or to apply for a home improvement loan.

Likewise CLCU can refer members looking for services to support retro fit to your company.

Guest blogs

Raise your profile by appearing on a guest blog. We have more than 5,000 people on our mailing list and our money tips are read by 100s of people every week. 

This can work both ways. CLCU can write guest blogs for your website, providing access to useful information and a route to funding their retrofit. 

Joint marketing

Planning a leaflet drop? An advert in the local press?

We could work together on campaigns. Showing potential customers your products and services alongside information about how to fund a purchase, using a Credit Union loan, can boost sales.

Payroll deduction

Our Payroll Scheme can help your colleagues manage their money better, helping them feel less stressed about debt or financial worries.

It's a painless way to save and borrow. 

Corporate deposits

Unlike banks, credit unions are restricted in the way they raise capital. Money for lending can only be provided through deposits. There's no risky investments and no hedge funds here. Depending on the size of your company your deposit is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Furthermore we offer a great return on your deposit which can be ringfenced to support lending to your customers. 

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