UK Staycation prices are on the rise

The pandemic has impacted us all in many ways and that is especially the case for UK holidaymakers who are seeing some unexpected changes to the way they holiday.

Many people have been left disappointed this year and unable to stay in their favourite caravan sites, campsites or holiday parks as holiday prices have skyrocketed up with some places charging between £750-£1,00.00 a night. This rise is because many people are either anxious about travelling abroad with the current circumstances or are unable to due to the quarantine rules, leaving staycations the only option for people looking to go on holiday.

There have been many news articles within the last few months, showing holidaymakers despair at the extremely expensive costs that rentals and accommodation are now charging. An article from The Guardian included a woman’s experience who was quoted £3,699 for a 4-person caravan stay for 7 nights in Cornwall. This comes as no surprise as BBC News reported that the cost of accommodation had increased by an average of 35% compared to last year.

The holiday prices are extreme, but the reality is that the staycation industry has had massive inflation this year and until we move further away from the pandemic, the likelihood is that it’s here to stay for a while. So, what does this mean for holidaymakers?

You don’t have to say goodbye to any chance of a holiday next year, all you have to do is start saving today which can be made easier through the help of a credit union. Whether you want to go abroad or stay in the UK, saving now will make it easier to go on holiday next year.

If you were to save £5 a week, you would have £260 towards a holiday next year which is going to make all the difference! However, we know saving can be tough which is why we have a few options that can help you…

Our Payroll Deduction scheme means your saving grows and you don’t miss a penny, it deducts your desired saving amount from your paycheck which makes it a lot easier for you to grow your savings. This is used across the Liverpool City Region by many companies including Onward, Sovini and Everton football club.

We also have loan options available as well, you might want to top up your savings so you can get a larger loan nearer the time of your holiday –  explore our loan options here.

As a credit union member, we support you through tough financial times – including times like this where it seems near impossible to find an affordable holiday. Speak to our team today and we can help bring your dream summer holiday to life next year.