A double win at the Consumer Credit Awards

We’re delighted to have a double win at the Consumer Credit Awards:

  • Best loan product under £2,500
  • Best Credit Union in the North

A similar scoop in 2020 saw Central Liverpool Credit Union take the Treating Customers Fairly award.

“At CLCU, we are passionate about the benefits of credit union membership and the positive impact that membership can have on people’s lives”. Says Chief Executive, Eileen Halligan, “I have always been incredibly proud of our credit union and the exceptional service offered by my colleagues. Furthermore, our members’ testimonials that led to these two awards reaffirmed my pride is justified. CLCU is so grateful to those members who took the time to vote for us. Thank you all.”

Importantly, these awards were given on the basis of reviews submitted by our members. Savers and borrowers alike recognised that we are a values-driven business. In fact, CLCU prides itself in the knowledge that we are respectful and trustworthy, and we treat our members with integrity and compassion.

Sandra, for example, joined the Credit Union a couple of years ago:

From my first visit I was made to feel so welcome. Everything was explained to me in a really friendly and personal way. Therefore, I will always champion Central Liverpool Credit Union. I always feel comfortable talking to everybody there, and I feel there is no airs and graces. You are treated with the utmost respect and spoken to in an understanding way. Nothing is too much trouble.

Read more reviews.

Our loans were scored 4.96/5

Loans from CLCU:

  • Have transparent interest rates. With CLCU you get the rate you’re quoted. Ni ifs, no buts. Moreover, we don’t hide behind a ‘representative APR’. Therefore, if we say it’s 12.7%, that’s what you’ll pay.
  • Credit rating does not affect your application. Because of this, our focus is affordability. Of course, we know members may have had problems in the past. Consequently, savings and repayment history with the Credit Union are more important to us than a credit score.
  • Lower interest rates for savers. Importantly ,we reward our savers. Therefore, if you’ve been with the Credit Union for more than two years and have over £500 in savings you can choose a Loyalty Loan. As a result, the interest rate you pay is much lower
  • Free insurance. Up to £10,000 of borrowings are covered by FREE loan insurance.
  • It’s really easy to apply online. Also we keep paperwork to a minimum.


Supporting employers

“With the cost of living crisis it’s more important that ever to join a credit union” says Geoff McKay, Business Development Officer, “Because of this, we’re building on the rewards success by working with more employers to provide affordable credit through payroll deduction. Therefore, if you’re an employer looking for a FREE staff benefit from an award-winning responsible lender, get in touch.”

Read more about the benefits of payroll deduction. If you’re an employer, fill out the form below to get in touch. As a result, your employees could soon be receiving services from CLCU after its double win at the Consumer Credit Awards.