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User Account Registration

You can now access your account online.

Registering will mean you can check your balance and view transactions.

How do I sign up?

  1. Online registration is only available if you have a working email address.
  2. Before you start you will need to think of a username that you can remember. You will also need to create a memorable password.
  3. You will need to know you member / account number. ALL member numbers changed on 17th September 2018. If you do not know your member number use the form below to request it. We will phone you, ask security questions and provide your member number.
  4. Visit our secure registration page.
  5. Complete your details and submit the form. Make a note of your username and password.
  6. We will perform security checks to verify your details within 24 hours.
  7. You will receive a Personal Identification Number in the post within 5 working days.
  8. When your PIN has been received you will be able to log-on with the details you entered in step 2.

Contact us if you have not received your PIN within 7 working days or if you have any questions.

If you do now know your account / member number – contact us using the chat at the bottom right of this page.