Credit unions: Good for you and your community

Do you care about the community you live in? Do you want to be a good neighbour? Are you a part of something that’s good for you and your community?

You might keep the front garden tidy or go shopping for an elderly neighbour.

Maybe you wave to other residents as you pass by or get involved in community activities.

Spending locally

How you spend your money effects the local community.

Eating breakfast at the cafe on your street, choosing breads from the bakery down the road both keep money local. Purchasing locally produced food from a farmers market is not just trendy; its sustainable.

Supporting and using your local credit union is another reflection of good neighbourliness. Saving and borrowing from the Credit Union supports the local economy and enhances our capacity to invest back in the community we serve.

Central Liverpool Credit Union helps you take control of your money by encouraging you to save what you can. We offer low interest loans and help you budget.

Money saving tips

We’ll be using our new website, chat feature and newsletter to share money saving tips. We want to save members money with regular tips that make you better-off.

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