Services during the Corona Virus outbreak

The staff and volunteers of Central Liverpool Credit Union are skilled and talented people who can overcome many problems. We turn our hands to many things but, unfortunately, we are not immune to catching or spreading viral infections.

From Monday 23rd March we will be operating a social distancing policy. This means asking for your co-operation by limiting your physical attendance at our branches.

The best way to keep up to date with developments during the Corona Virus outbreak is to follow us on Facebook.

Online access

  • The best and fastest way to interact with the Credit Union during this period is online:
  • If you are registered for online access you can check your balance by logging onto your account.
  • You can register for online access here.
  • You can apply for a loan online.
  • If applying for a loan, to minimise the paperwork necessary we encourage members to opt to use Open Banking or upload their bank statements online when applying for a loan.
  • We are still accepting new members but not in any of our branches. To become a member apply online.

Contacting us

The quickest way to contact us is using the online chat feature on our website. Click the speech bubble on the bottom right of the screen to start talking to us.

You can also speak to us using Facebook Messenger.

You can also email us.

If you do not have email access you can make a loan application or card payment over the phone. But please be patient, your call will be answered as soon as possible.

Collecting money

If you collect money from the credit union on a regular basis this now needs to be sent to your regular bank account. We are waving transfer fees until further notice.

If you have not registered your bank account, you will need to do this now. Please use the chat function on the website to do this.

If you want your money sent to a third party bank account, we will allow this during the pandemic for members without a bank account.

Both you and the account holder will need to agree to an indemnity. Please use the chat function on the website to do this.

Attending branch

Please do not attend the branch unless it is absolutely necessary. Bring your own pen or use one of our free pens and you take it home with you.

DO NOT attend if you have a fever, cough or cold.

Each branch will be open from 9.30 am –  and 2.30 to 3pm for pensioners only.

We don’t want our older members to feel even further isolated. We will welcome them into branch at that time so that they do not need to worry about crowds. Please honour this time and stay away if you are not a pensioner.

Stay well

If you are in financial difficulty, contact us. We will try to help.

As we care about our staff and you, our members, we feel it is now time to take precautions to safeguard us all as much as possible.  But we don’t want to be scaremongering, instead we want to be caremongering. We want to encourage our members to do the same.

If you are young and fit look out for your family, friends and neighbours and why not offer some Viral Kindness instead? Print and pass out the postcard below.

Here’s to your continued good health, best wishes from the board, staff and volunteers at Central Liverpool Credit Union.