Vote for us in the Consumer Credit Awards 2022

Central Liverpool Credit Union have been nominated in the Consumer Credit Awards 2022 for ‘Best Credit Union in the North.’


We would love it if our members voted for us here.


Voting is completely free, and every vote is entered into a £1,000 prize draw funded by Smart Monday People


Why should you vote for us?


We are part of the community

Central Liverpool Credit Union was founded in L8 and now operates across the Liverpool City Region supporting and investing in local people and the local economy as well as creating public spaces such as our playground and community garden. Additionally, our new mobile office was established to help members of the community who cannot get to our branch and bring the branch to them.  Through our mobile office we also run a monthly Facebook competition where people can win £100.

We are always putting our members in the forefront of our mind and decision-making.


We are non-profit

All our profits are re-invested into the Credit Union or given to members as a dividend.


We support the next generation

We strive to instil the value of money to young people. That’s why we have our Young Saver accounts to encourage young people to start saving earlier to reap the rewards when they are older.


We encourage saving

The longer our members stay with us, the more they save. Our Save as You Borrow scheme, a portion of your loan repayment is placed into a savings account which cannot be accessed until the loan is repaid, which helps members to save more and reduces the need to borrow in the future. We even offer Prize Saver accounts, the saving account with monthly prizes.


Free loan insurance and savings protection

You can borrow with peace of mind. Up to £10,000 of borrowings are covered by FREE loan insurance which means that should you die whilst still owing CLCU money, any outstanding monies would be repaid in full by insurance (T&C’s do apply). Additionally, upon death, up to double your savings are payable to your next of kin..


We constantly seek feedback

We always put our members at the forefront of every decision we make. That is why we constantly seek feedback from our members to improve our service.

  • Despite 6 out of 10 members saying they didn’t feel satisfied with their overall financial situation, 8 out of 10 members said that their membership with Central Liverpool Credit Union helped to improve their confidence around managing their money.
  • Despite 6 out of 10 members saying that paying bills felt like a burden, 8 out of 10 members felt that Central Liverpool Credit Union helped them save money.
  • Our members rated our service 9.4 out of 10.
  • When asked how easy it was to apply for a loan, our members rated us 9.7 out of 10.


We provide ethical banking

We provide Engage bank bards for our members. Engage is an ethical debit card that truly benefits members, with no hidden charges, overdrafts options, and fantastic rewards, meaning you can save money on your shopping. Read our FAQ’s here.


Education and training for staff and members

We invest in our  staff and volunteers and provide financial education  to our members.



Vote for us in the 2022 Consumer Credit Awards for Best Credit Union in the North. Click here and be entered into the chance to win £1,000.