Your Credit Union is here to help

Now the kids are back at school and the summer is over, many families are turning their attention to Christmas; your Credit Union is here to help.

Perhaps this year, more than most, you’re hoping it’ll be a haven, offering some respite from what has been a pretty terrible year.

Don’t your family and friends deserve the best Christmas yet? These dreams could be made possible with a Credit Union loan. Your Credit Union is here to help.

Christmas loans

This year we’re opening up for Christmas loans earlier than usual.

You can submit your loan application anytime now.

However, you can only apply for a Christmas loan if your last loan was granted before July. We cannot accept any application if you’ve had a loan since 1 July.

We expect to be very busy, so loans may take a little longer than usual to process. The best way to contact us in online chat.

It’s easy to apply

You don’t need your membership number to submit an application. You can apply online for the quickest decision.

If you use our Open Banking service you don’t need to provide any bank statements. If you prefer you can upload your bank statements as you apply

To apply you’ll need your bank account number and sort code to hand. If you use the easier and quicker Open Banking option then you’ll also need your internet banking login details.

We do not see or store your passwords. Read Frequently Asked Questions about Open Banking.

You can also read full instructions on how to apply.

When you’re ready to apply click here.

Keeping you financially fit

It’s been a hard year. During lockdown nearly £8 in every £10 we lent went to help members meet Covid related expenses. You can read more in our Covid-19 impact report.

Tax credits have gone up. However, earned income is falling. There’s a lot of uncertainty on the horizon with the furlough scheme coming to an end.

CLCU is working with one of its technology suppliers, NestEgg, to build an app and email service to help members improve their credit profile, financial health and get back on track after Covid.

Users of the service should be more likely to be accepted for loans. The service is free.

Benefits for you

  • As a (potential) loan applicant – you will have better visibility of the data that is used to make lending decisions.
  • If you’re turned down for a loan – you’ll know exactly why.
  • Actioning the tips provided will improve the likelihood that you’ll make a successful loan application in the future.
  • By enhancing your credit score and improving your credit profile, it should be easier for you to access other financial services

If you’re interested, please apply on the NestEgg website. You can withdraw at any time.