How to spot and avoid phone scams

With so many different channels to take advantage of, scammers have become a significant problem across the world. As well as being aware of email, text, and social media message scams, you also must approach unknown callers with caution.   According to Ofcom, in 2021, 45 million people in the UK were targeted with scam…

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We are simplifying our loans

Later this week – and before launching online loan applications – we are simplifying our loan products. Member loans We want to reward savers with a reduced rate of interest. If you’ve been a member of the Credit Union for more than two years AND have more than £500 in savings you can apply for…

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Applying for loans online

From April you will be able to apply for a loan online. We will always welcome people into our offices. But from April you will be able to apply at a time and place of your choosing, including from your mobile without the need to download an app. We’ve made this process as simple as…

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Access your account online

User Account Registration

You can now access your account online. Registering will mean you can check your balance and view transactions. How do I sign up? Online registration is only available if you have a working email address. Before you start you will need to think of a username that you can remember. You will also need to…

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More online services on the way

More online services are on the way, providing a better and quicker service to our members. Having the option to apply online does not mean we want to see less of our members. On the contrary. More members choose to transact over the internet frees up the office. As a result, that’s less queuing and…

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Do more online thanks to our new IT system

Software update

Members will be able to do more online as we upgrade our IT system. Your Credit Union will be closed on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th September when we will move to the new system. As a result we will be Speeding up branch activities, including taking deposits, making withdrawals and applying for loans Providing…

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